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Black Humus recipe - the taste of the gods

produse ecologice fine retete celebre retete traditionale Transylvania's Finest Food


A hummus recipe as original as it is healthy and tasty - our black hummus recipe is the traditional reinterpretation of the famous recipe with the help of Transylvania's Finest Food imprint.

How is traditional hummus you will ask 😊 and why is it black?!

Let's take them one by one: at Transylvania's Finest Food we chose to replace chickpeas with beans, and the color of the dish comes from the black garlic we used as an ingredient.

Because the proposed recipe offers - in addition to being a super healthy dish and the possibility to enjoy the taste of umami, it is a must try!


What is umami taste?

Benefits of black garlic

Simple Black Hummus recipe by Transylvania's Finest Food:


What is umami taste?

  • the umami taste is known as the 5th taste after sweet, sour, bitter, salty;
  • umami - is a word taken from Japanese - and can be translated as "delicious taste" or "taste of the gods"
  • besides black garlic, the taste of umami can also be enjoyed in soy sauce, clams, oysters, green tea, seaweed, sardines, certain types of cheese...
  • due to the high amount of amino acids, the umami taste can highlight other tastes; this is why a dish containing the taste of umami is ideally served - before the main course - as an appetizer;
  • since umami makes other tastes stronger, large amounts of salt or sugar are no longer needed, the diets of sick people or children thus become healthier.

Benefits of black garlic

πŸ§„ black garlic - well-known for its umami taste that is increasingly found in gastronomy and alternative medicine - has the consistency of soft caramel, a sweet taste and can be eaten directly, as a snack;

πŸ§„ black garlic contains double the amount of antioxidants compared to white garlic and has miraculous effects on the body;

πŸ§„ among others, black garlic reduces bad cholesterol, but also the occurrence of some types of cancer;

πŸ§„ the body absorbs the nutrients contained in black garlic much more easily, which makes it easier to digest than white garlic;

πŸ§„ black garlic does not have a specific smell, so it does not change the body odor after consumption, so it can be consumed at any time and by anyone;

πŸ§„ besides the special role it has in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, black garlic has a strong antibiotic effect, strengthens the immune and bone systems, helps heal wounds, lowers blood pressure, regulates intestinal transit, facilitates digestion

πŸ§„ in Transylvania's Finest Food recipes we use black garlic - a 100% natural product - obtained from unmodified or chemically altered white garlic - processed at a certain temperature and humidity right in our @Ganesti complex.


    Simple Black Hummus recipe by Transylvania's Finest Food:


    Trick 1: to enhance the flavor of the beans, try the following trick: fry the beans in the pan until they change color a little. Then prepare it according to the known method (soak it - at least 12 hours - rinse it, then boil it...)


    For this recipe we need:

    200 g of boiled beans

    100 g of tahini

    30 ml agurida or lemon juice

    50 ml of walnut oil

    1 clove of white garlic

    7 cloves of black garlic

    the water

    salt, cumin, walnut kernel


    Put the boiled beans in a container, put it in the blender, add the white garlic, 5 cloves of black garlic, salt, cumin, tahini, sour cream or lemon juice, a little walnut oil, use the blender again - add water depending on desired consistency; and check for salt and pepper.

    Place the chickpeas on the plate in the shape of a pyramid - which we flatten - decorate with broken or roughly cut walnut kernels, add a little walnut oil; and the 2 (remaining) cloves of black garlic - cut into pieces.

    Simple and tasty!


    Trick 2: tahini paste can be successfully replaced with walnut paste.


    For more details, follow the video recipe



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